History of the DC Cemetery

The History of the DC Cemetery

What is the DC Cemetery?
The DC Cemetery is a “home haunt” that resides in the heart of the Old Mountain View neighborhood that is designed with the residents of Mountain View and its surrounding communities in mind. Over the years we’ve concocted a haunt that is fun and bone chilling for all age groups. We also like to think that our efforts aid in the progression of Halloween, and hopefully our actions will spread onto others, so they too can provide a safe element for all kids (and adults) to enjoy.

The DC Cemetery has recently become one of the most elaborate and complex haunted house displays in America, gaining consistent media attention and in 2007 nationwide exposure. The haunt is so elaborate that they were the winners of FEARnet.com’s 2007 Scariest Home Haunted House contest, flown to New York City, and presented with a $50,000.00 check live on NBC’s Today Show.

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How did the Cemetery come about?
The haunt began in the early 1980’s like most family’s holiday decoration fascinations. The Ross’ (Mike and Mary-Ann, Brent, Scott & Clayton decorated the porch with jack-o-lanterns, hand drawn/colored paper cutouts, stretchable spider webs, and a colored light replacing the “standard” porch light. As the years progressed we all got more into Halloween and each year my parents spent approximately $50-100 on a new prop or decoration. Around 1985 Brent helped build a haunted house with his local Boy Scout troop and his enthusiasm and love for the holiday inspired his parents to go “all out”, purchasing a skull, black light, and dry ice. With those two starting points Brent’s love for Halloween turned into an obsession that grows to this very day (with no end in site).

As the porch display grew year after year it was soon evident that the space required for Brent’s grand visions would not be fulfilled with the area available, so they decided to move the display to the driveway and erect a “horror chamber” type walk thru haunt. A plywood façade was built and painted to mimic a stone building, and the inside was sectioned off to create a couple “main scenes” that changed year after year; however the one scene that always grew and outshined the others was the graveyard. “With the glowing fog, tombstones, and exhumed grave site, that scene always had the most Halloween feel
so the next year we based the entire haunt off it and the cemetery theme was born.” The next year they changed up the overall design and moved the façade walls to the back of the display and the added a faux fence and two mausoleums to display the main show pieces which at the time were extremely simple static props.

What do you see at the DC Cemetery? 
The DC Cemetery is a large display that is separated into two sections. The first and largest portion is the cemetery scene that encompasses the Ross families entire side yard and half of their neighbor’s yard. It houses three main mausoleums each containing a complex animated prop, and each is surrounded with other props that blend the scenes to create a realistic graveyard scene.

Who is involved in creating the DC Cemetery?
(meet the crew below)
Although Brent is the driving force behind DC, he admits that the haunt would have never had risen to its current standings without the assistance of his entire family, and in more recent years his wife Kasey and a couple good friends (James DeBenedetti, Cliff Chambliss, and Dave Frerichs).

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Brent Ross
Creator & Designer of the DC Cemetery

Meet the DC Crew

Brent Ross:
Designer & Creator of DC Design Studio,
Devious Concoctions and the DC Cemetery

Clayton Ross:
Lead assistant in prop fabrication and
construction of the DC Cemetery

Mike Ross:
Jack of all trades

James DeBenedetti:
Electrical guru and master prop builder

Kasey Ross:
Brent’s very tolerant wife, and
corpsing expert.

Scott Ross:
Great all around helper and parts runner
(when he shows up)

Cliff Chambliss:
Seasoned veteran and prop building

Nick Ross:
Morgue bouncer, and starbucks runner

Dave Frerichs:

Original designer of the DC Midi system
programmer for ’03-’05 cemetery animation. Off site assistant.